Stuck on Remodel Material Decisions? Then You Need to See Our Templates

What Homeowners Tell Us They Need:

One of the things we hear most from homeowners using Beam to remodel is that they are overwhelmed by the number of decisions they have to make in the course of a remodel or renovation project.

rendered image of coastal-inspired kitchen design
Introducing Designer-Curated Templates from Beam

Some of you thrive on pouring over material options for tile, lighting, flooring, and more. Others wish you could take a more hands-off approach but still feel your style and touch in a space.

Even the most well-planned remodel requires a significant investment of time and thought from a homeowner who wants to have a hand in creating the space they dream of living in, before and during the project.

So we wanted to create a way to relieve some of that overhead for you.

Introducing Beam’s Designer-Curated Templates

We are launching with six skillfully curated templates, three kitchens, three baths, and more to come. Each template includes shoppable products, materials, and paint chips that come together into an expertly curated design concept, making decisions easier and designer direction accessible.

Intended to both inspire your material choices and give you confidence in color and product combinations that work. While our templates are designed to help take some of the many decisions a remodel entails off your plate, we also envision them as something you very much can and should put your stamp on.

Maybe you have the perfect sink or backsplash already picked out? Perhaps you love the look of a material, but the price tag isn’t right for your budget. Search Beam’s library of products for an alternative, or add a link from anywhere online to replace. Use our templates as an inspiration and guide as you develop your design.

Then, take a few photos to capture an existing floor plan of your space, and order your render to see a photo-realistic visualization of what your build will look like.

Explore Designer-Curated Templates

Embrace clean lines and light colors with this Japandi-inspired Serene Spa bathroom, or start your day on the right foot in Bright Light, a fresh take on the all white full bath. In the kitchen, enjoy your morning coffee in this mid century inspired kitchen, Warm Mornings, featuring warm tones of raisin brown and brass, or opt for the modern Coastal Kitchen featuring natural oak, flat panel kitchen cabinets.

To discover a designer-curated template, look for the icon at the top right corner of a project card. Tap the icon to see inspiration, colors, materials, and more. Add to your design with the click of a button, and customize as you see fit.

Look for the icon at the top right corner of a project card. 

Browse templates and start designing your remodel with Beam’s home design app today. For more complex design needs, layout, or structural changes to your home, we recommend working with a verified professional. Browse designer portfolios to hire or get in touch to get matched with your team today.