Three Unique Brands Our Designers Love for Handcrafted Tile

Here’s what we love about choosing tile - it’s an opportunity to create unique moments in your home. Whether it’s the combination that so perfectly works together, the backsplash you always imagined, or the relaxing terrazzo backdrop for your bathroom spa.

Nowadays, you have a ton of options available online (though we do always recommend you order the sample first!! ;)). And while there is nothing wrong with hitting up the mass-produced option (especially when you are talking about a larger surface area and $$$$ signs!) there is really no parallel to handcrafted tile if you can fit it into your budget.

Once something you would have had to source locally or at an exorbitant cost, we’ve got our eye on a few growing brands that are really breaking open the catalog of handcrafted tile.

Let’s start with Fireclay.

Fireclay Tile

We’ve had our eye on this company and the drool-worthy handmade ceramic tiles they fire up, ever since Sarah Sherman Samuel used their materials as a key feature in several stunning spaces for friend and actress Mandy Moore’s gut-remodel a few years back.

Founder and “Chief Ceramicist” (what a cool job title) Paul Burns started Fireclay in 1986, and their factory can still be found in Aromas, CA. They have showrooms in San Francisco and Berkeley, but if you can’t make it there, don’t fret. Fireclay offers samples, and ship throughout the US and Canada. And while clay is where they got their start - don’t be shocked to find glass, brick, and handpainted options you’re obsessed with here as well.

Parisian modern bathroom by designer Julie Mitchiner
Designer Julie Mitchiner uses a handmade black patine mist tile from Fireclay to create a luxurious and fresh shower space in her Parisian Modern Retreat.
Mist w/Black Patine from Fireclay Tile, $36.00/sq ft

Probably the coolest thing about Fireclay, tile aside, is the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing. Fireclay is certified as a Benefit Corporation, the first of its kind in the industry.

Clé Tile

Another cult tile brand we can’t help but shop is Clé Tile. Not only are we obsessed with the punny French name, but at this company, each handcrafted tile is seen and treated as a unique work of art.

“At Clé, tile is so much more than a surface. it is the embodiment of history, craftsmanship, tradition, art and culture, all within a piece of earth.”

Founder Deborah Osburn didn’t really set out to sell tile, though she had deep experience in the industry when she started her blog ‘Tile Envy’ in 2009. Before long she found herself shipping artisan tile from her Northern California garage, launching Clé in 2012. Today Clé collaborates with artisan makers around the world, making their work available online and in their San Francisco showroom.

And we’re so here for it.

In this Terrazzo Spa Bathroom, designer Amanda Martin uses a large format terrazzo tile in white from Clé Tile to invoke a sense of calm and relaxation. 
24"x24" Forage Terrazzo in white from Clé, $14.95/sq ft

Concrete Collaborative

A list of our favorite handcrafted tilemakers would not be complete without a nod to Concrete Collaborative, a family-run business based in Southern California. Three Australian sisters started the company along with their spouses, having grown up with a civil engineer father who taught them that not all concrete is created equal.

Collaborative by name, collaborative by nature. Among their multiple interior and exterior product lines, the Strands collection comprises a series of collaborations with creative visionaries in home design, Alex Proba, Raili Clasen, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Natalie Myers, and others.

The tiles are all handcrafted in small batches and are created with a custom-engineered blend of materials: refined sand, premium cement, and carefully sourced stone aggregates. The result? Multiple stunning collections of concrete and terrazzo tiles, that will without a doubt will help you create a real moment in your space.

Couple that with a deep commitment to sustainability? This is a brand we want to shop tile with.

Ashley Broderic creates a statement backsplash in Kristin's Kitchen with the sss x strands line from Concrete Collaborative. A collaboration with, you guessed it, Sarah Sherman Samuel. 
sss x strands, $10 per piece

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