Want to See The Most Popular Colors for Home Remodels This Spring?

Not sure if you got the memo, but it’s spring, friends! That time of year when everything from life to your living room goes through a little refresh – a spring cleaning if you will – and in our opinion, there’s nowhere better to start than a fresh coat of paint.

With that in mind, we wanted to know what colors everyone is using in their spaces right now. When creating your design in Beam, you are able to add multiple colors to your space: primary, accent, etc. in the inspiration phase of your design.

So we took a look at which colors designers and homeowners are adding most often to their designs and came up with this list of the top twelve colors for spring painting.

1. Chantilly Lace (OC-65/2121-70) – Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace (OC-65/2121-70) – Benjamin Moore

This classic white shade from Benjamin Moore is one of their best-selling paint colors for a reason. A soft white hue intended to invoke the elegance and buttery texture of silk and pure cotton - this color is far and away the most selected in Beam designs today.

2. Racoon Fur (2126-20) – Benjamin Moore

Racoon Fur (2126-20) – Benjamin Moore

A bold, almost entirely black shade of paint, Racoon Fur was perhaps a surprising choice to rank so highly on this list, yet only our first clue to a trend towards bolder, deeper colors in our homes.

“Post-pandemic I’m finding clients willing to trust their gut and embrace color in bolder ways,” says interior designer and head of design + trade at Beam Lisa Wirth.

“Clients used to want to play it safe with resale in mind – white walls, neutrals,” she explains. “If the pandemic pause taught us anything about our homes, it’s that cultivating a space that’s highly personal, brings you joy, and cultivates positive emotions, is priceless.”

3. Egret White (SW 7570) – Sherwin Williams

Egret White (SW 7570) – Sherwin Williams

Hah, tricked you! While multiple shades of white do make their way onto this list of top trending colors - Egret White is not, in fact, plain old vanilla white.

A mid-spectrum shade on a neutral palette with pink undertones, this paint stars in designs like Calming Retreat from designer Rachel Gerken.

“This room was inspired by the calming tones of winter. A palette of whites and neutrals is offset by warm stone, woods and metals.” Design by Rachel Gerken

4. Ice Mist (2123-70) – Benjamin Moore

Ice Mist (2123-70) – Benjamin Moore

Part of the Offwhite Collection from Benjamin Moore, this popular choice of white hinted at yet another trend we’ve noticed amongst shades of white this year - we’re loving a crisp blue undertone in our white paints. The hint of blue actually brightens the shade and makes for a great contrast to some of the bolder color choices on this list.

5. Angora (SW 6036) – Sherwin Williams

This shade takes the undertones of Egret White to the next level and brings warmth to the room with a lighter play on terracotta. And we’re not surprised to see this color and similar shades rank highly, as we’re hearing from several designers that homeowners are looking to bring more warmth and richness to their space.

Ashley Daubert says her clients seem to be gravitating towards a more comforting color palette for their home right now. “I’m seeing a lot of warmer colors trending like ochre, terracottas, and caramel browns.” She said in our 2022 trend report from February, that she thought this trend was here to stay - and it looks as though she’s right.

6. Simply White (BWC-01/OC-117)– Benjamin Moore

Simply White (BWC-01/OC-117)– Benjamin Moore

Another classic white from Benjamin Moore, this soft offwhite is a popular choice for blank canvas walls and ceilings, not to mention cabinetry, trim, interiors, and exteriors alike - Simply White may be the safe choice, but sometimes that’s just what you need - such as in this petite victorian farmhouse bathroom where the soft shade of white is accented by wainscoting around the walls.

New England Niche: petite victorian farmhouse bathroom accented with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Design by Liv Buli

7. Caramelized (SW 9186) – Sherwin Williams

Caramelized (SW 9186) – Sherwin Williams

As delicious as it sounds, this deep shade of warm brown with a hint of red is another earthy neutral that marks a real leap into this trend of warming up our spaces with rich color.

“Clients are ready to strike their own path with thoughtful tones of color to warm up their living environments and reinforce: coziness, happiness, hope,” says Wirth. “Clay, terracotta and re-interpretations of peach are the perfect foil to stark modernism. Drawn from nature variations, these tones help create inviting environments that feel grounded and optimistic.”

8. Snow White (OC-66/2122-70)

Snow White (OC-66/2122-70)

The final shade of white on our list is perhaps the brightest, with the most prevalent blue undertone. A bold choice of white for backdrop, that will need ambient lighting to tone it down, or a powerful contrast as trim to a darker, more playful palette.

9. Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) – Sherwin Williams

Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) – Sherwin Williams

Well, it took long enough. Enter green. One of the trends we noted for 2022 was a desire amongst homeowners to deepen the connection to nature in their space. With all this talk of wanting to bring nature indoors, we weren’t surprised to see a few subtle natural shades of green used in Beam designs, this almost grey version from Sherwin Williams in particular.  

Whether it’s your kitchen cabinetry or your furnishings and details, it would seem we are all here for a green moment right now.

10. Iron Ore (SW 7069) – Sherwin Williams

Iron Ore (SW 7069) – Sherwin Williams

Well, this shade isn’t here to play. As you may have guessed from the name, this deep charcoal is basically Sherwin William’s equivalent to Raccoon Fur and makes yet another bold statement about leaving the safe white walls of the past behind and paving new frontiers for the home space with dark and rich layers of color and texture.

We’re seeing a lot of bold, dark color choices in designs, whether it is in kitchen cabinetry as in Chic Mix design from PROJECT AZ, or Striking and Inviting from homeowner Paul Berliner. Not to mention as a powerful accent wall in designs like Stylish Refresh by Rachel Gerken.

11. Oceanic Climate (N470-2) – Behr

Oceanic Climate (N470-2) – Behr

What feels like another natural option for bringing the outdoors in, is this Oceanic Climate blue from Behr. One of few blue tones that appeared toward the top of this list, it does have a ton of undertones of grey and green, which trends with what we’re seeing overall this spring.

Either way, we’re already looking for a project to introduce this color to, and not as an accent - this one s a leading lady.

12. Mown Grass (M370-7) – Behr

And last but not least, bringing us even further into the green palette is this shade of Mown Grass from Behr. A bright but not too bold choice for a living space, home office, or play den - closely tying your space to your outdoor surroundings - whether that lawn is wishful urban thinking or a suburban reality.

What shades are you exploring for your remodel? Do you have a favorite on this list? Save colors, inspiration, and more to your Beam design. Sign up for the waitlist today!