Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Your Remodel

Storage with style: Those three words sum up the mission of kitchen cabinets. Hitting the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics will make or break your kitchen upgrade. With a kitchen cabinets remodel project, you’re playing at the high-stakes table — cabinets are often the priciest part of a kitchen makeover. Thankfully, old-fashioned common sense coupled with cutting-edge technology can ensure your success with this ambitious project.

rendering of light wood kitchen design
This Coastal Kitchen Template Design features flat-paneled cabinetry with light wood graining. Render by Beam.

Your Kitchen Cabinets Remodel: Make It Practical

It’s likely that you already have a short list of practical aggravations with your current cabinet layout. However, there may be other shortcomings flying below your radar, compromises you make out of habit. Your gut is a good tool for evaluating the ergonomics of your cabinet layout. If you pay close attention during your breakfast and evening meal routines, it’s a good bet that several aspects of your cabinets provoke a little knot in your stomach.

For a detailed view of your kitchen’s ergonomics, position your smartphone in a corner and use a time-lapse photography app to record your family’s movements during busy times. Prepare for a surprise when you see how much unnecessary stepping and reaching your current cabinet layout creates. If chopping is a frequent operation in your kitchen, you might consider adding a slide-out cutting board with an integrated trash can.

Finally, give attention to storing your large items, such as juicers, mixers, air fryers, and pressure cookers. If these tools see daily use, keep their storage slots within easy reach. Conversely, items used only for special occasions can find a home in a deep-welled cabinet.

rendering of light wood kitchen design 

Your Kitchen Cabinets Remodel: Make It Stylish

Your diligent efforts have eliminated the guesswork around your kitchen’s ergonomics. Now it’s time to match practicality with style. Your remodel should either harmonize with the other rooms of your house or align with the vision you have for those rooms. Keeping your cabinet style in sync with your home’s trim pieces gives you a firm starting point.

In this Practically Perfect Kitchen design, homeowner Anita pairs classic shaker cabinetry with brass pulls to create a high-end vibe for her kitchen. Render by Beam.

Common cabinet styles include:

  • Shaker: This classic look includes a recessed center panel. Well-chosen hardware will make shaker cabinets fit in well in both contemporary and traditional homes.
  • Beadboard: With vertical beveled slats, these cabinets were once limited to farmhouses and cottages. Nowadays, with appropriate countertops, the beadboard style works beautifully for many kitchen cabinets remodel projects. Modern plywood cabinets can put this once-expensive option within reach for smaller budgets.
  • Flat Panel: Many homeowners reject flat-panel cabinets out of hand, mistakenly believing this style should stay in laboratory settings. With natural wood patterns, flat-panel cabinets blend sleekness and warmth in one clean package.

Your Kitchen Cabinets Remodel: Make It Happen

With command of your kitchen’s ergonomics and a refined vision, you’re ready to put ideas into action. Beam is the ideal way to leapfrog many typical pitfalls of a kitchen cabinets remodel. Snap a few photos of your kitchen, and let us generate an accurate existing floor plan and 3D model for you to work from.

Employ one of our templates, try out your ideas, or connect with a designer. Then, estimate your costs and coordinate with your contractor, all on Beam. Make us your partner in home transformation, and sign up today.

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