Feeling Inspired? Here's How To Build A Mood Board

Let's start with why. When designing your space, there are multiple ways to gather inspiration, from perusing Pinterest, to drooling over the latest issue of Dwell. Professional interior designers will typically use mood boards as a starting point for working with a client, allowing them to capture a client's style and direction before starting to get into the details of design.

Here at Beam, we think it is important to see your design inspiration and chosen materials in one place, so we allow you to easily create mood boards to help organize that inspiration as part of the planning process.

A mood board combining different ideas for your kitchen remodel is your first step towards putting inspiration into perspective.


One of the easiest places to start and get your creative juices flowing is the color palette. As you start to browse different images of rooms, you might notice that you are continuously drawn to the same colors and use of color. If you find something you like in two different photos, put them next to each other to see if they clash or complement each other.

Overall Style

Now you want to bring the lens back and look at the bigger picture. How will the whole room come together and what will you put where? Think about what you are trying to achieve when you remodel and consider images that have people in them to help you visualize how you’ll use the space.

Specific Details

Zoom your lens in now and focus on the smaller details. What sort of molding do you want? What do your door handles look like? What tile layout do you want and where? You’ll want to find details that strike the perfect balance of beauty and function. Things like handles and knobs have the ability to completely transform the look of a room but they are also used multiple times daily so it's important that they are practical.

Organize your material choices with a shoppable moodboard from Beam.
It’s perfectly OK to have more than one mood board and on each mood board, having more than one example of the same thing.

Have Multiple Options

It’s perfectly OK to have more than one mood board and on each mood board, having more than one example of the same thing. These don’t have to be your final choices, consider this your opportunity to test different combinations of materials and styles for your space.

With Beam's shoppable mood board feature, it is easy to add and drop particular items, by ranking your material choices. That way it is easy to see particular features in context, such as your options for different tile backsplash or cabinetry. And with shoppable links, it's easy to organize your materials and save all these different options in one place.

Once you've had a chance to compare and contrast and are happy with your final choices, it's time to get a custom rendering of your space.  

Are you thinking about starting a home remodel project and want to use the Beam software to make a project mood board? That’s great, we’re happy to help. Choose every fixture and finish, or let our pros guide you to success. Get in touch with Beam to start your remodel today.