How To Create A Custom Rendering For Your Home Renovation or Remodel

Nailing the Vision

When renovating or remodeling your space, it can often feel as though all the hundreds of seemingly small decisions you make – the shape of mirror to hang above the sink, which kitchen pulls and handles will best suit the cabinetry, backsplash tile, and sorting through flooring options – amount to an overwhelming task.

But whether or not you need guidance in making those individual choices, this is your home and you know what you envision for your space, be it the details, the overall style, or just the feeling you want when you walk into the room.

And much of the groundwork of a well-run home renovation or remodel lies in sharing that vision.

Rendering of bathroom designed by Cheung Showman Architects for Beam
Build a custom rendering of your space to share the vision you have for your home renovation or remodel.

Why do I need Custom Renderings?

Renderings of space, often from multiple angles, are just one type of several common design documents used in build and construction projects for this purpose.

Instead of spending the majority of walk-throughs with your general contractor, awkwardly flailing your arms about and trying to describe where you want that floating kitchen shelf – choose your materials, configure your plan, and see your space before you build it.

Architect at work
Floor plans, elevation sketches, and photo-realistic custom renderings are all very important tools in the design and build professional’s toolbox. Photo by Daniel McCullough / Unsplash

Laying the Foundation

With just three photos from you, Beam will generate a floor plan and 3D model of your space, as well as a customized shopping list for materials. With step-by-step instructions for what to capture, even in tight quarters, getting started is super easy - just open the provided link on your phone and start designing today.

Making Design Decisions

From there, you can choose from a curated and customizable Beam Design for your space, select every fixture and finish yourself, or work with a Design Partner from the Beam community of pros to create a custom design.

Throughout the process of designing your home, collect the materials you love for any given space in a project, and preview your chosen materials together. Share work in progress with others for feedback - before submitting your final project plans for rendering.

Floor plans, elevation sketches, and photo-realistic custom renderings are all very important tools in the design and build professional’s toolbox, and for good reason: they are tools that help a project run smoothly and according to vision.

Material delays and change orders are great ways to disrupt a construction schedule, and you can always count on running into at least a few unexpected issues with any home renovation or remodel. Clear documentation and planning help your team get ahead of the obvious pitfalls.

For the homeowner, it is both an opportunity to get a clearer picture of your reimagined space and feel more confident in the, often expensive, decisions you are making during a renovation or remodel. It is also the right tool to communicate that vision with a partner, friend, or family, and ultimately with the team that will help you execute on it.

Are you thinking about starting a home remodel project and want to use Beam to create your custom rendering? That’s great, we’re happy to help. Choose every fixture and finish, or let our design partners guide you to success. Get in touch with Beam to start your remodel today.