How To Start a Bathroom Remodel

How to Start a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling should be as fun as it is cumbersome. If you lean into what you do not know and embrace the process of learning how to start a bathroom remodel, you open yourself up to an exciting creative opportunity. To help you get started, we created this simple guide to the first steps of bathroom remodeling.

rendering of bungalow bohemian bathroom remodel template
The Bungalow Bohemian Bathroom Template is one of multiple templates available to help homeowners get a jumpstart on their bathroom remodel. Rendering by Beam.

How To Start a Bathroom Remodel and Remain in Budget

Before you begin removing fixtures and tearing down walls, there are two elements critical to any remodel: a visual plan and a budget.

Plan Your Space

Any basic bathroom remodel plan should include:

  • Pre-determined expectations. Know what you want from the space, and what you can realistically include.
  • A well-planned budget. Do your research on the cost of materials and labor, and include extra for surprises.
  • Vetted professionals. Read reviews and choose a reliable contractor.
  • Designated areas for storage and trash. Determine ahead of time where you plan to store materials and dispose of waste.

During the excitement, try to remember the required building permits. It would be a shame to go through a remodel only to find out about zoning violations.

How To Stay Organized

The key to staying on budget is to stay organized. Consider these simple tips to guide you through how to start a bathroom remodel and remain on your timeline:

  • Make plans for your DIY projects, and communicate them with your partner.
  • Clean up the space after each day, and keep all tools and materials in their designated areas.
  • Stay flexible. A rigid plan is quickly thrown into disarray when the unexpected happens.
  • Keep track of all materials, products, and design plans in one place.

Many project management platforms are available online that allow you to customize your remodeling plan and keep track of it as you go. Beam offers a way for you to create a digital design, shop for materials, organize your plan, and track your budget, all in one place. You can even explore other projects for inspiration.

Know When To DIY and When To Hire Professionals

There are many reasons why you might choose to DIY a project, rather than hire a professional. Maybe you are good with your hands and love the idea of a challenge. You might have the extra time and want to enjoy the experience of learning how to do intricate tilework.

While DIYing a bathroom remodel can be a labor of love for the right homeowner, at Beam we recommend that you always hire professionals when necessary. For example, leave the plumbing and electrical work to licensed professionals. Safety should always be a priority.

rendering of happy days bathroom remodel template
More than one option! Simplify the design process and explore bathroom remodel templates like Happy Days on Beam. Rendering by Beam.

How to Design Your Bathroom Remodel

With Beam, you are able to choose your own design journey. Pick every fixture and finish for your bathroom remodel on your own, start with one of our designer-curated bathroom templates and customize as you see fit, or find the right designer or architect for your project in Beam.

To get started, choose your room type, get your existing floor plan with a few photos, and choose a template or work from a tailored bathroom remodel checklist of materials.

How To Start a Bathroom Remodel and Love the Process

All bathroom remodels begin with a plan. Part of enjoying the process is creating the list of things you must get done, and checking the items off one by one. With an open mind and the right project management tools, you can create the ideal bathroom and gain experience in the remodeling world before tackling even more extensive projects.

Eager to get started on YOUR bathroom remodel? Sign up and start your first project in Beam today.