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We are a growing company with a clear vision—building technology solutions that help pros and homeowners achieve better remodeling outcomes. We believe within 10 years, a majority of the $450B U.S. home remodeling industry will operate on a marketplace platform central to each project and pro’s success. And we’d love for you to join us.

Many homeowners considering a home renovation project suffer from a “failure to start” due to three common points of friction:

  1. They don’t know where to begin—projects feel immense and costs are hard to predict and budget for;
  2. They don’t have experience with design— and don’t even know what type of professional is best suited for their project (an architect, an interior designer, a certified kitchen or bath pro);
  3. And they don’t know who to hire and trust—they need help finding vetted pros that can help them articulate their needs and create a clear and executable vision.

We set out to fix this—and get design professionals matched with their ideal clients faster.

Vetted, qualified leads without the headaches

Pros tell us finding the right client at the right time, and managing a steady flow of profitable work, is a task they don’t have time for or are just plain ineffective at. And the time spent pre-qualifying and educating prospects on the remodeling process detracts from the day-to-day focus at hand—designing and managing ongoing client projects.

At Beam we do the legwork for you.

Our intake process helps ensure homeowners are serious about their projects and well informed from the start. We:

Collect detailed information from the client as to their needs, aspirations, budget, and expectations.

Provide as-built drawings and renders—DWG/FBX files which you can leverage from the start in your project evaluation and design process.

Reduce project complexity, with easy-to-use, web-based project tools, so that the process goes more smoothly for all.

The result: Opportunities are scoped and well defined—taking into account schedule, client budget and expectations.

Check out one of our proprietary tools—the Beam Estimator, which immediately produces detailed estimates for any project or project address.

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Work with Beam to source vetted, profitable projects on your terms.

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