What type of design professionals are you looking for?

We have opportunities for skilled architects, interior designers, kitchen and bathroom designers for home renovation projects across the United States.

Which types of project are typical?

We offer a range of project opportunities, from kitchen and bath remodels, to whole house gut renovations, additions, and ground-up new construction.
Our typical project has a total project budget of $100k, but we work with homeowners on residential projects that range from a $25k minimum—up to and exceeding $400k.

How does Beam determine which projects I'd be a good fit for?

We evaluate opportunities based on:

  • How they align with your interests and skills. We match pros with opportunities in their desired geographic market (or markets), as well as pair designers who are equipped to work virtually on remote (or “e-design”) engagements. Homeowners are given contact details for several design pros to interview.
  • How they align with a range of billing and design service models. Our homeowners at Beam are looking for a range of designer support—from those who are largely DIY but looking to hire a seasoned pro for a few hours of phone or Zoom advice, to full scale projects which can be serviced either in a flat-fee agreement or hourly. With Beam, you are able to pick up the type of work opportunity that suits your availability and service approach.

What else does Beam offer designers?

Beam is creating new, scalable revenue opportunities to complement your existing revenue streams. We are developing a Curated Design Library, which once launched, will allow designers to share their original work—curated lookbooks and design ideas—and license them to homeowners for a fixed fee. This program is currently in early development and by invitation-only, but if you want to participate or learn more, note this in your application to join our pro network.

How does Beam make money?

Homeowners pay Beam a fee to be matched with professionals. There’s currently a very nominal fee charged to homeowners to use Beam for their remodeling projects. As we grow and build out our software, we continue to learn how to deliver the most value across the lifecycle of a renovation project. We appreciate our trade partners joining us in the beginning of this journey as we build out a robust product strategy directly informed by what you and homeowners tell us you need.

What can I expect in a lead provided by Beam?

Each opportunity is presented in a standardized RFP format, providing you with a quick look at the critical project parameters and the estimated fee range. So that you can get quickly from assessment to proposal, we supply you with: before photos, as-built drawings and renderings (DWG, FBX), detailed information on the clients’ needs from our intake conversations.

I have a well-developed process for managing my clients and projects. Will Beam get in the way?

When you are hired by a Beam homeowner, you manage the client and your deliverables freely, with the benefit of our platform to keep project details organized and assist you in the contractor matching process.

How does Beam help with Contractor Matching and Bidding?

We specialize in matching the right construction pro to the project. Whether it’s a project that originated with Beam, or one of your own independently sourced projects you need a contractor resource for, Beam introduces and connects you to a vetted network of construction professionals.

Further: When your project is ready to be bid, all bidding contractors are able to log into the client project site—with access to a single source of information online, and a clear RFP to respond to. This minimizes demands on your time and expedites the responsiveness and completeness of incoming bids.

What's expected of me?

We founded Beam to reduce complexity and increase happiness across the entirety of the home remodeling journey—for homeowners and pros. Central to this are guiding values and best practices we’ve found create the best outcomes. We ask you:

  • Lead with clear and consistent communication and regular check-ins. Be fully transparent about your pricing and fees.
  • Agree on deliverables and a timeline before work is started.
  • Further, as a project progresses, we ask that you: reach out to the client within 24 hours to set-up your first meeting or call; confirm within 24 hours of that first meeting your interest in the project and a timeline for which you will submit a proposal; notify us of any significant client issues; provide us with feedback at key milestones.

How do I get started?

Complete our application and we'll reach out to discuss the network and get you started.