Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beam?

Beam is making it possible for more people to design and build their happy homes, by giving homeowners and designers more control over their projects.

Explore designs, browse products and materials for your remodel. Estimate costs and design from accurate 3D models and floor plans, captured with a few clicks of a button. Organize and prepare your project to source accurate bids, saving time and money on your remodel or renovation.

Beam is home for your remodel.

What’s the difference between working with Beam or directly with a pro (an architect, designer, or general contractor)?

At Beam, we are on a mission to make it easier to design and build your happy home. We do not replace the traditional design and architectural partner, but instead make it possible for more homeowners to have access to great design, and make collaboration and organization around a chaotic remodel possible.

We do this by rethinking every step of the process as it is today and allowing you to take control of your remodel.

  • Turn inspiration into action, explore designs, and browse products and materials for your remodel
  • Beam provides accurate 3D models and floor plans to estimate and design from, saving countless hours spent on measurement
  • Custom photo-realistic renderings of your space encourage decision-making and alleviate costly communication mishaps
  • Collaborate with partners using the Beam app and see your project come to life
  • Rely on our Design Concierge team for guidance and project support
  • Prepare your project to source accurate bids from local build partners, saving time and money on your remodel or renovation

How much does it cost to plan my project with Beam?

It’s free to start designing your space, exploring curated designs and products from industry partners, and organizing your materials with our tools.

Custom rendering packages start at $349 per space and include a free CAD model and current floorplan of your home, two revisions, as well as a complimentary 30-minute design review. Designing more than one space? For package pricing and discounts on bulk quantities, please reach out to our team directly.

Need to work with a pro? Find a great match at a fair price on Beam. Beam helps you get quotes and find the best fit.

Can Beam help me get plans for my remodel?

With just a few photos of your space, Beam is able to provide a CAD model and current floor plan of your home in 1-2 business days.

For additional plan documents, including elevations and stamped architectural plans please reach out to our team directly.

Can Beam help me find an interior designer, architect or general contractor?

Absolutely! With Beam, you choose your own journey. Choose every fixture and finish on your own, get started with one of our design curated templates, or we'll match you with the right interior designer, architect and contractor on Beam to make it happen.

These professionals have a partner icon associated with their Beam portfolio. Explore designs, inspiration, and materials for your remodel. See a style that catches your eye? Tap the hire button to view work availability and indicate your interest in working with this designer or architect.

Not sure who's right for you? Schedule a free consultation call to share more about your project and we'll match you for free.

Can Beam help me design and choose materials for my remodel?

Yes. Choose from our existing curated library of materials, or source materials from anywhere on the internet, and add them to your design in Beam. Share your inspiration and browse colors, and gather your selections in one place to create a cohesive look and feel.

Want expert assistance in designing your space? Look for the verified partner icon, to find design and architect partners to help you create the space of your dreams.

What if I already have a preferred architect, designer, or general contractor?

Great! Beam is the perfect home for you to coordinate with your team and make sure your project gets started on the right foot.

Collaborate with your designer or architect in choosing materials, review plans, keep track of details, and finalize decisions. Prevent costly communication mishaps by providing visual concept documentation for your general contractor and build team.

Can Beam tell me what my remodel will cost?

Get a good sense of the cost of your project using our handy Home Renovation Estimator. Enter your address, explore options for your scope and budget - and we'll provide you with an instant estimate for your remodel.